There was so much going on during this visit that I'm having a hard time finding a place to start with the description. I guess the logical place to start is with this sweet thing Francesca. She's a hot little 18yo Latina with a fun loving personality. You already watched her interview so you know she can be feisty in the right situation. She had a lot of first-time experiences today at the Gloryhole including first girl-girl experience as well as first black cock. Her reactions are priceless! She also felt the wrath of the "Load Master". I have a feeling this guy loves the younger girls and he seems to produce a bigger than normal load for girls like Francesca. He really unloaded on her this time and she did an amazing job of containing the massive amounts of cum in her mouth before swallowing. A few drops dripped out of his dick and onto her leg but she scooped that spillage into her mouth. There are many things I personally enjoyed about her visit but the two things that stand out in my mind the most is the way she would slow things down as each guys was cumming into her mouth so you could see the cum being pumped in. And, the way she would glance at the camera as the cum was filling her mouth. It was innocent and slutty at the same time which is a very hot combo! When we first arrived to the store, she got a chance to play with a young couple in the Theater Room. The girlfriend was really into sharing her boyfriend's cock with Francesca and wasn't camera shy so I asked her if she would like to try a Gloryhole adventure by herself and she agreed so I took her the following week and it was off the chain. That one will be coming up next week! Enjoy your weekend...
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Francesca has it all, beautiful face, stunning body, great personality and amazing blowjob technique. Her signature move is when she gives a sexy look at the camera as the stranger's cock is filling her mouth with cum. She goes nice and slow to get it all out before showing us her prize and then swallowing every load. She's currently the top star rated girl so she doesn't need much of an intro and you're about to see why she belongs at the top!
Жанр: 10 Cumshots, Brunette, Dick Sucking Lips, Fingering, Interracial, Latina, Oral Creampie, Shaved, Teen

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Year of production: 2017
Genre: 10 Cumshots, Booth Fucking, Brunette, Dick Sucking Lips, Fingering, IR, Latina, Petite, Shaved, All Sex
Duration: 01:02:39
Description: This hot lingerie model Latina is always fun to take to the Gloryhole for a good feeding. You can see the jaws drop as she makes her way through the nasty hallways to the booth area. It's like a gantlet of guys stroking their dicks through their pants with anticipation of draining a big load down her throat.
You guys saw the interview, I did my best to get a toy in her ass while she sucks but she wasn't quite ready for that but there's hope. Her "No" was more of a "Maybe" so I think I can work my magic on this one.
Right after her first warm-up cock, along came Pringles who almost ruined the day with that ginormous appendage. I was half joking about her fucking it but when I saw her reaction I realized I could probably nudge her to take it for a ride. Well, it worked and he tore that little Spanish pussy up.
I knew it wasn't the brightest idea to have her put something that big in her pussy right out of the gate but it's a first come, first cum kind of thing at the GH.
She's a sexy little cocksucker and there's a reason why she's currently the highest rated girl on the site. This Gloryhole visit will ensure that she holds that title. She's ready to come back for another visit so treat her right guys so I can make that happen.
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Year of production: 2017
Genre: BJ, Deepthroat, IR, Fingering, All Sex
Duration: 00:27:29
Description: I got a chance to interview Zuri's b / f before the action started which was pretty interesting. I always like getting their perspective and what it's like watching your girl being passed around by strangers.
When you hear Zuri talking about being full of cum and her pussy being sore, keep in mind that this visit was only a few hours after her 2nd one where she took on 11 guys. She went home to freshen up before returning for another feeding.
She wants to come back for her 4th visit so I'm putting this one up now to see how her star rating does. She's ready to get loaded up for the next one.
One thing I have say is I think she has one of the nicest looking pussies I've ever seen. I didn't realize how picture perfect it was until I had a chance to edit this video. You get some good crotch shots when she tries out the sex swing. She's tiny and was moving around a lot in the swing so we took the party into the Theater Room where she got drilled by more cocks. Her pussy was still juicy from the 2nd visit which made the guys nut pretty quick.
We moved back into the Gloryhole booth to finish off the long day of endless cocks. This girl is a machine and taking on 18 cocks in a day had to be a workout for her mouth and pussy. She hasn't been back since this visit so I'm looking forward to a fresh new interview and seeing her getting worn out again. Give her a good rating guys and lets get her back for a suck / fuck fest!
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Online porn is taking care of sex education and the new generation is skilled well beyond their years as you're about to see with this new teen. She's a great cock sucker and has perfected the cock clean-up. Just when you think she's done, she squeezes out a few more drops of cum to swallow. She doesn't have a gag reflex so she likes getting the cocks nice and sloppy so they slide easily down her throat. She prefers black guys so her face lit up with excitement when the first black cock poked through the Gloryhole. The next black dude wanted to have a more personal experience so he came into the booth with her to fuck her face and dump a big load on her tongue. She is down for fucking so providing she gets 4 stars or better, she'll be spending some time in the Theater Room getting spit roasted, which will be a first for her.
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Year of production: 2017
Genre: 22 Cumshots, Anal, Brunette, Butt-Plug, Cheater, Cum Swap, Deepthroat, Dick Sucking Lips, Facial, Fingering, Fucking
Duration: 01:46:24
Description: These two nymphos are in the Top 10 of most popular girls on the site and are a match made in Gloryhole heaven. They never met each other before today but they connected immediately and really got into each other which won't surprise anyone. Nothing brings two girls together quite like sharing some cocks and cum!
One has lots of girl / girl experience and the other doesn't. Can you guess which one is which? There was no easing in for the inexperienced girl and she went right to eating ass.
Things were going great in the Gloryhole booth and they were warming up together nicely and then one of the guys suggested the "Theater Room". I knew what was coming but they had no clue. There was too much action taking place to describe here and I'm sure after seeing all the tags you get the idea. I also posted a lot of the action shots on my twitter @GloryholeBabes so take a moment to check them out. These 4K videos and photos are amazing if I do say so myself!
Neither of these girls fuck that much so needless to say they got a lot more than they ever expected. They returned to the Gloryhole booth to have their bellies filled with more random loads and one of them even called her boss to tell him she was running late because she was at the hospital visiting someone, lol.
A few cocks later one of the guys asked to come into the booth with the two of them. As it turns out, he was one of their old bosses. Not her direct boss, he was above that guy but they recognized each other. We were all shocked and of course I had to ask some questions about this. This is only the second time in years that a guy knew the girl. I'm sure that made his day. You always wonder how slutty some of the girls you work with are. Well, he found out today.
They finished off in the Theater Room where the two girls had their butts in the air on display while the guy went back and fourth taking turns fucking each one. This will be one for the "Gloryhole Hall of Fame".
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Video Format: MP4
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Year of production: 2017
Genre: 13 Cumshots, Ball Lick, Big Ass, Booth BJ, Booth Fucking, Brunette, Deepthroat, Dick Sucking Lips, Facial, Fingering, Fucking, Interracial, Piercings, Shaved, Shot In 4K, Sloppy Blowjob, Tall, Tattoo
Duration: 01:23:33
Description: She's back at the Gloryhole and this time she was all amped up to get some dick! I enjoyed her high energy and enthusiasm during the interview (See Scrapbook) and I knew this was going to be a great visit, as usual.
You can pound this chick's mouth and pussy all day long and she would still come back for more. She's an amazing cocksucker and that's why she's currently one of the top rated girls on the site. Keep her star rating high guys and I'll keep taking her back for more cum feedings. She loves cum so much that anything that didn't quite make it into her mouth got lapped up off her hands and fingers.
She stayed in the Gloryhole booth for most of this visit but a few guys came into her booth to get a more up close and personal experience. Some guys want to look the girl in the eye while they take a load and some just stop in for what I call a "Hit and Run". Either way works for the girls as long as they get the loads they came to the Gloryhole for. I think getting lots of loads is an ego boost for most girls which satisfies desire to please men and be accepted.
She ended her visit in the Theater Room getting her ass railed by a few BBC's. She was initially concerned about having her pussy all stretched out but her horny wet pussy made the decision for her.
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